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Teleportation is a long way away, so we drive

I guess humanities saunter in the fossil fuel age is why I drove for 5 days instead of appearing at the other edge of a continent in a day.

Or maybe if I were more durable I could

be launched across the country.

Since it took so long, it's a good thing Briar was in our company. And he's the best boy. Did I mention the car was packed and Briar was sitting on top of a ton of luggage.

We stopped at places along the way

We saw

- We stopped at a lighthouse on a marbled shore of Lake Erie. Looking at the lake as the sunset was very pretty. Briar wanted to go into the lake.

posing in the park with a dog

- Chicago, pizza, parks and getting lost, but we weren't there very long. I hope to go back. I found a photo from the park with Joann and Briar. We had just finished the yummy pizza.

- Iowa City and some yummy food. The Pullman diner had great burgers and drinks. It's cocktails looked really good, but I didn't try any.

- Lake McConaughy. The food here was good too. We stopped at The Open Range Grill. It also had burgers and beer. I think the burgers here were the best food of the drive.

- Wyoming is so beautiful. I had no idea there were rural mountains off the highway at over 10,000ft. The Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest is easily as pretty as any National Park I've seen. Joann and I can't wait to return.

After coming down the mountains in Wyoming we stopped for more good food. Apparently I missed the interesting coffee drinks at the cafe too.

- Idaho's big waterfall were very pretty and the views speak for themselves. But the sound amplifies the view.

continued below

Finally after leaving Idaho, we crossed the border into a big desert.

- The loneliest desert before the end. The sky here was so dark. We stopped by the side of the road and looked at the stars. It was dark enough to see the milky way. No one lived here. We could drive for an hour and see no houses. The emptiness is beautiful and eerie. That being said, with the right gear and practice, I think exploration of the empty desert could be amazing.

Joann's favorite part was Wyoming and hiking with the best boy. "Briar loved the snow and the lake and the grass and the flowers! ... he really liked that."

Well now that the drive is done, I hope I will always remember the drive. I'm living far way from my family in a beautiful and different place. The land and people here are different but we're almost the same. 🤞we fit in.

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