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Wow congratulations for finding my homepage. I'm no designer or author but hopefully the page is beautiful and I engage your attention with my stories. 

On the other pages of this site, you'll find the software or models I've developed which I can share and music which I've performed.

Eventually this page will continue as a vain and hopelessly entertaining autobiography alongside links to my other pages. The blog contains anything I want to share which will probably be mostly software design, 3D modeling, or neural engineering, or other dull ideas I've had. The sharpened ideas should be in the shop for sale.


 I am currently trying to learn about Rust, quantum computers, design patterns, databases, brain computer interfaces, and 3D printing. This seems broad but I've always been relatively broadly focused and enjoy improving systems for storing disparate knowledge. Additionally I plan to apply these skills to developing novel and useful brain compute interfaces.

At Penn State my academic interests were neural engineering, brain computer interfaces, artificial intelligence, and real time signal processing. During my degree I worked in the Center for Neural Engineering at Penn State learning signal processing and problems with modern brain computer interfaces. In 2015 I completed a coop at IBM in Littleton, Massachusetts and in summer 2017 I interned at Capital One.

While working after graduation I have learned a ton about data pipelines, AWS, various microservice architectures, and leadership. I was planning to learn more about engineering software in the public cloud but learned there's a lot more to engineering software than working by yourself. However to that original end, I studied for and became a certified AWS Solutions Architect Associate. 

Eventually this autobiography will be more entertaining than a resume but I'm not terribly interested in writing about myself. Instead I'll write my ideas in the blog.

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